Core Strengths Assessment & Training 

Your organization is interconnected by teams--by people interacting in big and small ways every day. Every outcome relies on the ability to work well with others, but bringing talent together doesn't mean they have the collective ability to function together as a team. The best team results are created through relationships.


The Strengths Deployment Inventory 2.0 (SDI 2.0) Assessment focuses on the WHY we do what we do rather than WHAT we do. When team members understand  what motivates the "why" behind the "what" inside themselves and others, it improves communication and collaboration, strengthens relationships, and helps to manage and reduce conflict so teams focus on their collective purpose. 


Core Strengths Workshop and Training teaches leaders and teams to see the motives and strengths occurring in relationships that need to thrive and drive business. To build stronger relationships in full view of their differences, people learn to adjust their approach and use their full range of strengths to become high-performing together. 


Delivering Sustainable Results is achieved through the Core Strengths Platform. Every member of your team will have instant access to a team portal following the training. This platform reinforces training and is an invaluable resource into relationships at work. 

Coaching & Core Strengths combined maximizes sustainability so your team can get re-aligned on their purpose and become free to focus their collective energy towards meaningful goals for the organization and its stakeholders. 

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Building High Performing Teams

Relationships are what bonds and holds teams together, but are often the team element that is often overlooked. Through the science of Relationship Intelligence (RQ), this training equips teams with the insight, knowledge, and sustainable tools to strengthen collaboration, build trust, and focus their collective energy toward meaningful strategies and goals. 

Leadership Development

Core Strengths believe that one-size-fits-all leadership doesn’t work, and neither does a one-size-fits-all leadership development approach. That’s why our offerings allow each individual to discover their own strengths and practice their own leadership style.                                   

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Conflict Management

As a leader, you know conflict in the workplace is uncomfortable, expensive, and counterproductive. So how do you solve the problem so everyone can get back to work? Relationship Intelligence (RQ) allows teams to embrace diversity, navigate conflict, and power through obstacles with smarter, more effective decisions.